The Celebration Choir

On 29th September, the Celebration Choir sang a new cantata, “Our Saviour”, written by Harry Brockway and Gary Turner.

The Celebration Choir

The Celebration Choir – Harry Brockway far left and Gary Turner far right. View larger image

This performance in Salisbury marked Harry’s 70th birthday and raised a cracking £718. Cheers!

I have always been very thankful that I was blessed with the gift of music. I have able to be an organist and choirmaster and it has enabled me to teach piano and theory to a great many pupils, young and ‘not so young’.

Because of this I felt I would like to give something back to God in a special act of worship as a BIG ‘THANK YOU’ and have written a cantata called “Our Saviour” for choir and congregation.


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