Fun Runs 2014

Sponsored runs are a fantastic way of raising funds for Living Water Africa. They are fun, and a great way for keeping fit too. Supporters have been running for us for a few years now, and we’d love it if you could help us in this way.

We’ve provided a selection of runs that are taking place all around the country this year. So, wherever you live, or whatever your preferred distance, there will be an event for you. Simply choose your nearest event, sign up via the link, and join Team Living Water Africa today.

Do let us know if you decide to run for us. We’ll then be able to:

  1. Reimburse you, when you raise more than the entrance fee
  2. Send you your amazing free Living Water Africa running T-shirt and cool wristband
  3. Advertise your online sponsorship page in our newsletter, on our website, and on facebook to help you increase your sponsorship


The 5k Big Fun Runs take place all over the country, from July to October. There are 18 events to choose from, so all you need to do is to select your nearest location. Early bird entry costs £11.49, normal entry costs £14.50, or you can pay on the day for £20. The 2014 season is almost over, but there are still a few events to choose from.

Birmingham (20/09/2014); Coventry (21/09/2014);

Glasgow (11/10/2014); Edinburgh (12/10/2014); Ipswich (18/10/2014);

Milton Keynes (19/10/2014); Crystal Palace (26/10/2014);  Victoria Park, London (25/10/2014)


BUPA hosts some of the largest and most popular runs in the country. They take place in various cities, all over the country, and many of them are televised!

Great Yorkshire, Sheffield 10k (28/09/2014) – Entry costs £25

Great Birmingham half marathon (19/10/2014) – Entry costs £34

Great South, Portsmouth 5k (25/10/2014) – Entry costs £20

Great South, Portsmouth 10 miles (26/10/2014) – Entry costs £41

Great Edinburgh, 10 miles (April 2015) – Entry cost TBC

Great Manchester 10k (May 2015)) – Entry costs TBC

Great North, Newcastle 10k (July 2015)- Entry costs TBC

Great North, Newcastle 5k (Sept 2015) – Entry costs TBC

Or, for some runs with a difference…

Run to the Beat 10k, Wembley Park, has live DJs to keep you motivated around the course, and a headline act to look forward to once you’ve finished (20/09/2014) – Entry costs £36.50

The London Marathon. If you really fancy a challenge, why not try one of the world’s biggest and most popular run, The London Marathon. As entries for the 2015 run are already closed, ballots for the 2016 run will open in April 2015 – watch this space for more details!

The National Lottery London Anniversary Run 5 miles, celebrates the legacy of London 2012 by offering runners a chance to run through the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, taking in sites such as the Velodrome, the Aquatics Centre, and the Copperbox. The 2015 run also sees the welcome return of the stadium finish. (July 2015) – Entry cost TBC.

If those don’t take your fancy, here a few more to choose from...

Regents Park Races (London) 10k (First Sunday of April – Sept) – Entry costs £16

Swansea Bay 10k (21/09/2014) – Entry costs £16

City of Norwich Half Marathon 13.1 miles (23/11/2014) – Entry costs £21

Brighton Half Marathon (22/02/2015) – Entry costs £32

Liverpool Spring 10k (03/05/2015) – Entry costs £20




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