Well Repairs: Kuyelingo, Yikine, Akundo, Dua Market (Ghana)


Dua Market Community

This project covered the repairs of water supplies in 4 villages in the Bongo Region, Ghana. The villages had existing boreholes, but the pumps had failed and the villagers did not have the resources to repair them. The villagers were therefore completely reliant upon surface water of pools and unprotected streams, which resulted in high rates of sickness and mortality. In addition to reporting high levels of cholera, typhoid and dysentery, women and children were spending several hours a day looking for, and carrying water.


Details at a glance

Partner: Bondo Development Organisation

Date: June – September 2016

District: Bongo


  • Kuyelingo
  • Dua Yikine
  • Akundo Primary School & Community
  • Dua Market / School

Old Water Source: pools and unprotected streams

New Water Source: replacing the failed hand pumps with modern hand pumps

Cost of Project: £5,500

Approximate Number of People Reached: 14,500




Bondo has successfully repaired 3 wells and has installed 1 new borehole. They have also formed WATSAN Committees in each community, who will oversee the delivery of hygiene education and management training.

Progress / Timeline

June 2016 – Agreement to proceed

June – July 2016 – Four meetings were held with each community

Meeting 1

  • Bondo intially met with the community and introduced the project to the Traditional Leaders and the Assembly person

Meeting 2

  • Bondo and the communities visited the area and assessed the problems with the borehole facility.
  • The costs of replacement and repairs were discussed
  • Bondo also explained the importance of maintaining the wells.

Meeting 3

  • The purpose of the 3rd meeting was to form the WATSAN committee by electing a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, 2 Caretakers and 2 Hygiene Promoters.
  • The Caretakers and Hygiene Promoters will be further trained in manual repairs and how to promote hygiene education in the community.

Meeting 4

  • This meeting provided a forum for conflict resolution, identifying and eliminating sources of conflict among the community members

July – August 2016 – 4 Handpump repairs complete

July – September 2016 – Hygiene Education complete





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