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samantha-verschuerenLiving Water Africa was launched on the 23rd January 2010 in Salisbury Cathedral, at the memorial service for Samantha Verschueren.

After witnessing water poverty first hand during a trip to Mombasa, Kenya in 2008, Samantha shared with her family a deep concern for this appalling problem.

Living Water Africa was then set up in her loving memory, following her passing on 22nd August 2009.


We believe in Straight Through Giving. This means that 100% of the money we receive for the charity goes straight through to projects – none of it goes to meeting administration costs or overheads. These other costs are met by special friends of the charity who specifically want to help us in that area.

We believe in the Starfish Principle. We know we cannot solve the global problem of Water Poverty – it is too big. However we can and will solve the problem for each community we work with. And we know that will make a huge difference to those communities.

We believe in the crucial need for collaboration, sharing of knowledge and experience, and pooling of resources in order to tackle the global problem of Water Poverty. We will form partnerships with other organisations to create synergy and increase effectiveness wherever possible.


  • Dame Sandra Dawson
  • Reverend Professor Keith Straughan
  • Adrian Bianchi
  • Bob Chilcott
  • Gordon Hickson


  • Paul Verschueren – Chairman
  • Jane Verschueren – Secretary
  • John Bone – Treasurer
  • Colette Bone – Communications
  • Sara Pike – Newsletter
  • Helen Macfarlane – e-Presence

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