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Rainwater Harvesting

When building a new well, we prefer to drill boreholes. Boreholes reach down below the water table to aquifers – layers of water-bearing rock where water can be extracted. Drilling far away from surface pollutants means there is little risk of contamination and obviously the water doesn’t dry up depending on the seasons. When the […]

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Well Repairs: Kuyelingo, Yikine, Akundo, Dua Market (Ghana)

Background This project covered the repairs of water supplies in 4 villages in the Bongo Region, Ghana. The villages had existing boreholes, but the pumps had failed and the villagers did not have the resources to repair them. The villagers were therefore completely reliant upon surface water of pools and unprotected streams, which resulted in […]

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Great news from Sierra Leone

The well has now been finished in Kamakumba, serving the village and new health clinic there. Many thanks to our partners from Hythe URC who ran this project. And of course, thanks to YOU for making this happen! Your generosity is changing lives.

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